1. If you want to have the privilege of having a amazing girl.. why make fun of her when ever you get a chance? It’s not cool and is ridiculous..


  2. What am I doing..

    So I’m at a hotel and I’m eating breakfast and as I take a bite of my biscuit this girl like 8 looks at me and its so awkward… and then she made a fan with her napkin… that’s talent… yeah now I’m kinda depressed haha..


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    when you don’t have any friends in a class so you sit next to someone else who has no friends


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  6. Wanna be

    So I was recording on dev pro and then dark world modo joins me and I freak the freak out he’s semi YouTube FAMOUS for yugioh anyhow. And of course my sister wrecks it.. I could had gotten 5 hundred easy views..


  7. Happy..

    Im so happy and proud that my best friend got her driver’s license today and it was her first try! Me on the other hand I’ve tryd 2 times and still have failed haha.. so now she can hold it over me for as long as we live haha :p

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    Quote blog! Follow me for more

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    Do what you love,
    love what you do!

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